Titus Volume Doser
19,000.00 ฿

Titus Grinding EK43 volumetric dosing tool

อุปกรณ์เสริม สำหรับเครื่องบด ek

The Titus volumetric dosing unit operates by placing carefully milled spacer rings inside a cylinder to create a fixed volume that slides effortlessly back and forth between the bottom of a hopper or funnel and the opening of an EK43 grinder.

The current series of units feature a stainless steel funnel ring and an optional stainless steel top plate for the slider bar. With some wear the slider bar can get stained from the coffee.


Testing has concluded that the Titus volumetric dosing unit is more accurate than the variance of standard grinding with the EK43. The accurancy has been tested with a full hopper to be +- 2 coffee beans or around +- 0.2g. What that number and weight is, depends on the evenness of the screen size of the beans. Single origin coffees, are more accurate than blends or unevenly screened beans.



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