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เลขที่ 76,78,80,82 ถนนสตรีวิทยา2 แขวงลาดพร้าว เขตลาดพร้าว กรุงเทพฯ 10230
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Intercof Corporation Company Limited
No. 76, 78, 80, 82 Satri Witthaya 2 Soi 6 Road, LadPlao, Bangkok 10230

+66 2 542  4117-8 | Fax: +66 2 542 4117-8 # 24
Office Mobile: +66 62-690-1422

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Intercof Corporation has been in the coffee and tea business for the past 15 years and has become a market leader in Thailand. We currently own a number of coffee shops in Bangkok, dealing in both commercial and specialty coffees. Our staff is fully accredited in every aspect of coffee business from barista to roasting, with a focus on quality and customer care. We have a fully trained in house team of engineers who provide customers with regular maintenance of machines and equipment.
We specialize in sourcing and distributing quality products for the retail and hospitality industry.  
Our company also produces its own coffee from our farm in Chiang Rai Northern Thailand. We are involved in every aspect of the farming, processing, quality control and roasting of our coffee to maintain the best standards for our customers.  Our roastery in Bangkok has its own coffee quality laboratory, grading, sorting and packing facilities providing our customers with consistently high quality coffee beans.
Our farm production exceeds 60 tons per year which makes our coffee unlike others. Most companies are forced to source coffee from a variety of farms in order to achieve production requirements. This often results in varying coffee quality. Our coffee is single origin and therefore quality is consistently high. From 2013 with a 1st Place ranked coffee in Thailand award, to a top 10 place in 2016, our coffee has a proven consistent quality, year by year.
Our farm produces Thai Specialty coffee grade beans with a ranking of 83.9 from a CQI (Coffee Quality Institute panel. We are currently in the process of exporting our coffee internationally to top quality coffee destinations such as Japan, Korea and China.
We also source imported coffee beans and currently have over 30 specialty grade coffees in our coffee range.
As well as a large variety of products we provide we provide a full educational
backing to support our customers. These include:
A fully accredited SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) International campus where we educate baristas, coffee roasters, green bean buyers and many other coffee businesses.
A full house of SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) certified trainers qualified in barista, brewing, roasting and sensory who provide on or off site education aimed at improving coffee quality and service in the commercial and hospitality sectors.
Our Laboratory is CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) registered and has an 2 in house Q Graders (Coffee Quality Grader). We provide CQI courses (Arabica and Robusta Grading Courses) throughout the year which aid in improving coffee quality in the industry.
 Currently we provide education, tech support, maintenance and products to a wide range of hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and offices throughout Thailand. 

Intercof Lab & Factory
โครงการ ที.เค. ปาร์ค มินิ แฟคทอรี่
เลขที่ 88/17 หมู่ 1 ถนนกาญจนาภิเษก-บางปะอิน (กม.55) ตำบลคลองพระอุดม
อำเภอลาดหลุมแก้ว จังหวัดปทุมธานี 12140

T.K. Park Mini Factory
No.88/17 Moo 1, T.Klong Pra-Udom, Ladlumkaew, PathumThani 12140,