DIEDRICH IR-1 Automatic
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DIEDRICH  IR-1แบบอัตโนมัติ เครื่องคั่วกาแฟขนาด 1 กก

Our smallest roaster comes with big possibilities. Handling anything between 250 grams and one kilogram (½ pound - 2.2 pounds), the IR-1 gives you unparalleled precision and control over small batches.

Using only the most innovative infrared technology, all our IR-series roasters produce a fresh, clean coffee with all the right notes — and you can get it done in 15 minutes. Roast up to 8.8 pounds per hour, or enjoy that perfect boutique batch and relax.

BATCH CAPACITY (min/max)         250g–1 kg

DAILY ROAST OUTPUT                 17.5 kg

VOLTAGE                                             220

AMPERAGE FLA                           2 / 1.5

MAX BTU/hr (kW)                           8,000 BTU/hr / 2.34 kW

COMMON BTU/hr (kW) per Roast        4,640 BTU/hr / 1.36 kW

GAS TYPES                                   LPG / Natural

ROAST AIR scfm/scmh                 88-103 scfm / 150-175 scmh

ROASTER WEIGHT (empty)                 56.8 kg

ACTUAL ROASTER DIM. (height, length, width)69 x 107 x 72 cm

EXHAUST DUCT (diameters)                   10.16 cm


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