Tamping Master
Tamping Master Tamping Master Tamping Master Tamping Master
35,900.00 ฿


Tamp mano is a system tamper designed for professional baristas. Elements of tamping that baristas consider important – perfect leveling, 1kg of fine pressure adjustment can be reproduced at any time, helping maintain espresso quality even during busy times.

Especially, you can use the base of tamper (Canadian R company, Australian P company etc) which is favored by professional barista as it is. This allows you to apply a variety of type, such as curves, flat, ripples, etc., depending on your extraction concept. Barista’s tamping finish, Polishing (tipping off at the end of tamping) is implemented to prevent the puck from coming up in the vacuum.

In addition, safety guard and three-point contact sensor have made enough safety for baristas. It can be used safely and at the same time, it can be used in any shop or any situation because you can use Naked (Bottomless) portafilter, which is widely used in specialty coffee shop, not just classic spout portafilter.

Mano, experience the exact and uniform tamping as if it were tamped directly by the barista.


Adjust the tamping force in 1kg increments (10-30) and tampers it exactly vertically using two axes
Forget the old days that you hurt when you put your hands. It is safe to put your hands on the safety guard and the portafilter recognition sensor. Naked portafilters are also free to use
58.5mm Pesado tamper base
Controlled by digital display



Electricity : 220-240 Volt or 100-120 Volt (Free Volt) , 50/60 Hz
Adjust pressure : 10Kg ~ 30Kg (min ~ max)
Size : 130 mm x 200 mm x 335 mm ( W x D x H )



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