MILL CITY   500 g.
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“MILL CITY  500g Lab Roaster”

MILL CITY 500g Lab Roaster is a modern, durable, functional, small batch

 roaster and Ideal for developing Specialty coffee profiles

High quality material and exceptional roasting results

Makes this MILL CITY 500g Lab Roaster a perfect addition

to your coffee shop or Roastery.

Easy to use design makes this roaster perfect for beginner

to professional level.


Batch Capacity                       500g

Roaster Dimension                  750 x 350 x 580 mm

Roaster Weight                        18 Kgs

Heating Type                          Gas

Motor Power                            15W

Drum Type                     Stainless steel

Drum Thickness                      4mm with 2mm edge

Drum diameter/Length            150/163mm

Cyclone Outlet Diameter                  80mm

Cyclone Dimension/Height     160mm/450mm

Stainless steel pipe connects  roaster and cyclone

OMRON PID Controller, dimension: 46*46*90mm

Drum and Panel is made of stainless steel, exterior shell is made of steel

Power switch, igniter switch and cooling switch

Default color: Black combo and Silver drum, Electric igniter


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