Ethiopia Kossa No.1
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เอธิโอเปีย คอสซ่า

Ethiopia Kossa Natural No.1

FARM NAME: Limu Kossa

REGION: Oromia

ALTITUDE: 2025 m

PROCESSING METHOD: Sun-dried Natural

Cooperative Information: A new farm, but off to an amazing start. The forested plantation is over 2000 meters above sea level in the Limu highlands. So verdant is the area that one is hard pressed to spot a single yellowed leaf among the thriving coffee trees. Good practices contribute to this, as the farm manager enforces rigid composting cycles and has even established a nursery for native tree species to complement the coffee. Once the remaining coffee trees come into fruition this farm may be destined to become a regional powerhouse. Watch its progress closely.

Cupping Notes: This first harvest is small, but if it is any guide to for future then expects light, citrus coffee, with lemon and cherry aromas. Flavor noted a tart acidity and the slight flavor of toasted malt.

บรรจุ 250 กรัม

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