Roaster Pathway Level 1

Roaster Pathway Level 1 establishes the roasting craft with coursework in coffee analysis and evaluation, green coffee processing and sample roasting and production management and safety. The on-the-job requirement of completing 100 hours of commercial roasting will ensure students can apply the hands-on instruction they have received in class, and gain valuable experience with professional roasting equipment.

Level 1 graduates will have demonstrated a proficiency with the scientific and technical elements of roasting and laid the groundwork for the ongoing development of the craft.

CB100 - Seed to Cup
CP103 - Customer Service Essentials
CP151 - Brewing and Extraction Principles
CP152 - Brewing and Extraction Principles Applied
GE103* - Orientation to SCAA Cupping 
CB200 - Mill to Roaster: Green Coffee Price & Contract Impacts
CB205 - Green Coffee Buying Essentials
GE151 - Green Coffee Grading
RP104 - Decaffeination
RP110 - Basic Roasting Equipment & Operation
RP112 - Introduction to Roasting Concepts
RP120 - Profile Roasting Practices
RP208 - Roaster Plant Safety Essentials
RP223 - Sample Roasting
EXAM - Roaster Level 1 Written Exam
Classes marked with * are NOT required for Licensed Q-Graders. Q-Graders also earn credit for GE103: Orientation to SCAA cupping in the Foundations of Coffee Pathway, but must complete all other classes.

Requirements for RGA Level 1: 
Roaster Code of Conduct: Completion of the Roaster Code of Conduct is a requirement