Coffee Tester Pathway Level 2

Advancing sensory skills and building on critical and analytical prowess, Coffee Taster Pathway Level 2 takes students through the complexities of taste and olfactory theory, discriminatory testing, and statistical analysis. Graduates are thoroughly prepared for lab and quality control leadership roles, possessing skills that serve sensory analysts throughout food and beverage industries.

CP302 - Espresso Exploration
GE206 - Grinding & Grind Analysis
GE217 - Coffee Lab Equipment
GE304 - Taste Testing for Production
GE308 - Consumer Product Taste Testing: Coffee
GE353 - Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel
RP104 - Decaffeination
RP112 - Introduction to Roasting Concepts
RP216 - Identifying Defects in Roasting
RP223 - Sample Roasting
EXM-CTP2 & CTW2 - Coffee Taster Level 2 Practical Exam and Written Exam
Classes marked with * are NOT required for Licensed Q-Graders. Q-Graders also earn credit for GE103: Orientation to SCAA cupping in the Foundations of Coffee Pathway, but must complete all other classes.

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