Coffee Tester Pathway Level 1

From acids to extraction, the SCAA flavor wheel to triangulations, Coffee Taster Pathway Level 1 presents the tools required to dissect coffees for flavor and evaluate them in a nuanced, careful manner, ensuring the best product makes its way to the consumer. Building a vocabulary of taste descriptors and adhering to cupping protocols, students will quickly build world-class sensory skills alongside knowledgeable certified instructors. Coffee Tasters who currently have or are pursuing a Q-Grader certification may be eligible to receive credit for a portion of the Level 1 curriculum.

Level 1 graduate will be prepared to contribute to quality control departments and programs, working alongside roasters and green coffee buyers to evaluate and critique performance.

CB100 - Seed to Cup
CP103 - Customer Service Essentials
CP151 - Brewing and Extraction Principles
CP152 - Brewing and Extraction Principles Applied
GE103* - Orientation to SCAA Cupping 
GE151* - Le Nez du Café Aroma of Coffee
GE153* - Green Coffee Grading
GE154* - Sensory Skills Test Preparation
GE200 - Introduction to Sensory Analysis
GE201* - SCAA Cupping Form & Peer Calibration
GE202* - Comparative Cupping: World Regions
GE203* - Comparative Cupping: Africa
GE204 - Defect Cupping
GE205* - Comparative Cupping: Central and South America
GE255* - Organic Acids in Coffee
GE303* - Coffee Taster Level 1 Practical Exam
EXM-CTP1* - Triangulation Cupping
EXM-CTW1* - Coffee Taster Level 1 Written Exam
Classes marked with * are NOT required for Licensed Q-Graders. Q-Graders also earn credit for GE103: Orientation to SCAA cupping in the Foundations of Coffee Pathway, but must complete all other classes.

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