Coffee Buyer Pathway Level 1

Importers, exporters, buyers, and traders alike will benefit from a curriculum built around the economic realities of the global coffee system. With instruction from leading professionals in every stage of the process, students will gain experience that will immediately carry over to their own work.

CB100 - Seed to Cup
CP103 - Customer Service Essentials
CP151 - Brewing and Extraction Principles
CP152 - Brewing and Extraction Principles Applied
GE103* - Orientation to SCAA Cupping 
CB200 - Mill to Roaster: Green Coffee Price & Contract Impacts
CB205 - Green Coffee Buying Essentials
CB206 - Green Coffee Market Dynamics Explained
CB230 - Production and Inventory Control Practices
CB236 - Buying on Green Coffee Market Principles
CB237 - Green Coffee Purchasing Strategies
EXAM - Coffee Buyer Level 1 Written Exam
Classes marked with * are NOT required for Licensed Q-Graders. Q-Graders also earn credit for GE103: Orientation to SCAA cupping in the Foundations of Coffee Pathway, but must complete all other classes.

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