Coffee Buyer Pathway

Connecting farmers to customers throughout the world, coffee buyers are the link from production to consumption and the gatekeepers for quality in specialty coffee. For those who aspire to impact communities around the globe — balancing finance, strategy, and sensory evaluation skills, the Coffee Buyer Pathway presents two levels of online study, preparing students for the complex environment ahead of them.

With a global trade network comprised of producers, importers, traders, and buyers, green coffee travels a long and winding road before it ever comes into contact with a roaster. How it gets there and who is involved sits at the core of the Coffee Buyer Pathway. For those looking to navigate the coffee supply chain, from negotiating contracts to maneuvering financial markets, understanding the intricacies and how to navigate the many channels will prove to be the best tool for success.

The Coffee Buyer Pathway takes students through a series of online courses built to aid \ in navigating the complexities of the supply chain. This Pathway presents a unique opportunity to learn from leading importers, growing both a career and a professional network as you embark on a life in coffee.

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