Barista Pathway Level 2

Gaining valuable expertise in the craft of great coffee drinks while developing real world skills in customer service techniques and on-the-bar efficiency, Level 2 Barista Pathway students will be presented with practical, advanced techniques to aid in their pursuit of espresso mastery. Students who complete Level 2 will be well prepared to lead behind the bar.

Level 2 training classes are for professionals in the coffee preparation sector of the specialty coffee industry. Classes are open to candidates who have attained their Level 1 Certificate or the equivalent. Experienced baristas (i.e. those who have mastered most of the Level 1 Competencies) may take classes in Level 1 and Level 2 concurrently only if they have passed the Level 1 Practical test.

All classes in Level 2 are at the 200-level (Intermediate) which, according to SCAA's Definition of Levels is appropriate for participants who:

  • Have the experience, basic knowledge and abilities that are equivalent to the Level 1 Competencies
  • Are able to explain key tasks of a barista in detail
  • Have taken beginning level classes
  • Feel confident in basic knowledge and skills but desire to learn more

Eligibility for BGA Level 2 Written Exam

  • Completed attendance in each of the required classes

Eligibility for BGA Level 2 Practical Exam

  • Current BGA Level 1 Certificate
  • Work for at least 3 months after completing the course. Candidates for the BGA Level 2 Certificate will not be permitted to take the Level 2 practical exam immediately after completing their classes. The BGA strongly recommends at least 3 months practicing skills learned in the course before attempting the practical exam CP290

CP201 - Grind, Dose, Tamp Extract
CP202 - Espresso Bar Efficiency & Workflow
CP203 - Latte Art
CP204 - Espresso Machine Preventive Maintenance
CP290 - Level 2 Certification Theory Test
                         Plus, one of the following:
                                       - RP206 Basics of Coffee Farming
                                       - LECTURE ''Seed to Roaster'' Lecture or Webinar
                                       - ORIGIN Attend an SCAA Origin Trip


  • All modules are mandatory for candidates wishing to take the Level 2 certification exam.
  • Candidates must complete the entire Level 2 course and testing within 3 years.

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