Advance Brewing Course 2 Days

จะเน้นสอนการทำ Pour Over ที่หลากหลายชนิด
สอนโดย Mr. Nicholas Haw
Profile: AST Authorized Trainer, SCAE | SCAE Professional Brewing Skill | SCAE Professional Roasting Skill | SCAA Taster Lever 2 | COE CAMP
เวลา: 10.00 - 17.00 น.
อัตราค่าเรียน: 12,500 บาท / คน (รวม KRUVE)
Brewing Course Outline Advanced
Day 1
International Brewing Theory/ SCA Standards
Components of Coffee
Time as a factor in extraction 
Turbulence as a factor in Extraction 
Temperature as a factor in extraction 
Kettle techniques/ Pouring Styles
Grind Size calibration/ Assessment  (Kruve Particle Analyzer) 
Basic flavor, aroma balance assessment
The affect of roast degree on extraction 
Sensory brew theory 
Sensory brew practical 
Manipulating cup profile and balance
Filtering mediums 
Variations of Dutch Coffee 
Affects of origin on Extraction 
Golden Cup Theory 
Practical guide to 
1) V60/other drippers
2) French press
3) Chemex
4) Ice Drip/ ColdBrew
Day 2
Practical Guide:
1) Aeropress
2) Syphon
3) Moka Pot
Syphon experimentation and flavor manipulation 
Interpretations of Aeropress
Recipe and Brewing profile design and assessment 
Assessing customer expectation/satisfaction
Golden Cup Theory
Golden Cup Practical 
Practical Examination Brewing
Practical Examination Sensory
Questions and Certificates
Specialty Coffee Academy
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